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The registered mediators from Mediator Hong Kong  have in-depth knowledge and wealth of experience on how to reach settlements to disputes, via this web site, you can search our Mediators List , view their profiles, compare experiences and qualifications, check their availability, and more importantly, on-line book the desired mediator immediately, your dispute can therefore be handled quickly and properly. It is Risk-Free and convenient! 

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Our mediation is independent, confidential, private, without prejudice, less stressful, and non-adversarial. It gives parties in the dispute a chance to have their say, a wide range of outcomes is possible, disputes can be resolved in days and in a earlier stage.

Through, you will find the full range of dispute resolution options available to you, our legal professional will be neutral and support parties in taking a less adversarial and a more collaborative approach to resolve the problems in a positive and productive way. 

You can have full control to resolve the dispute, to select the most appropriate mediator, please click here:  or contact us at:


"People can find themselves embroiled in lengthy and often stressful court actions when their disagreements might be better resolved between themselves at a much earlier stage and with a better result."

- Jonathan Djanogly, MP,  Parliamentary Under-Secretary of Statement at the Ministry of Justice in UK